Hardware Repair

If your computer is not performing as you feel it should, we can help. Symptoms such as screen freezes, abnormal shut-down’s, blue-screen errors, and file corruption can be caused by failing hardware (computer components).

Our friendly and skilled technicians can diagnose the cause of your troubled system and repair the problem. This can include replacement parts and/or software repairs such as operating system repair or re-installation. If your system is getting on in years and you are concerned about the cost of repair, rest easy as we are too. We will be the first to advise you if we believe that your system is not worth the cost of repair.

Following the diagnosis, we will quote you on the cost of repair and then the decision is yours. A small diagnosis fee will apply should you decide not to go ahead with a repair. Our diagnosis fee rarely exceeds $50. We wave our diagnosis fee’s if repairs proceed.

Examples of hardware repairs include:

*These replacement services are in store only.