Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Is your computer acting strange? Are you receiving error messages that make no sense to you? Let our certified expert technicians diagnose the problem and get your computer running smoothly again.

Accurate Diagnostics

We will not guess what is wrong. We have invested into products and devices that allow us to test your computer accurately. We know exactly what is wrong and do not overcharge for unnecesarry repairs.

If you went to the Doctor and he looked you over, then stated without tests that you have cancer. Would that be fine with you? If you took your computer to a technician and without opening up your computer or turning it on he said, it’s the harddrive, we need to replace it. Would you accept that ? NEITHER DO WE!

We understand that your life is on the computer, your connection to family and friends is through your computer. We use computers too and know how empty life is without them. We try to do all diagnostics in a timely manner, however due to the length of some diagnostics scans performed to find issues, we will require your machine for a full day before providing a report. This is not a quick service, but it is a thorough one. We provide accurate results, guaranteed! Try Us, Won’t You?